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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Moon Gold, Solstice Dark

At 6.32 am this morning, I was ankle deep in frost, dancing a jig in the middle of the park. Followed by running in wide crescent lines like a corn-circle faker. Not as part of some archaic druid ceremony to mark the solstice, I should say, but in a vain attempt to bring warmth to my extremities. I can tell you it was colder than the aurora-watching I remember in the Arctic. Frost-bitten fingers much more stinging whenever I removed my two pairs of gloves. But the sight was unmistakeably there in front of us, slipping through ninety freezing minutes - the lunar eclipse we'd been promised.

The poem came later - my mind was too numbed as we hopped around in the dark, swapping binoculars and thermos flasks. But it was after all lovely to behold. And here it is:


bone white moon
spinning icy
glitter-ball bright

stained edge
of brown umber:
thumb smudge

dark rose shadow
on lonely gold:
old master light

frail lamp
in tidal dark
ebbing ink

lunar sliver
last glimmer

(c) Siobhan Logan Dec. 2010

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